Radio One Top 20 Week 6

UK producer quartet Rudimental teams up with three well-known musicians to create a hit-single that for one reason fits todays mainstream music, yet differs a lot from other songs of that kind in the way it is produced and by the efford put in. With Dan Caplen and award-winning rapper Macklemore on the verses, Jess Glynne on the chorus and Rudimental on a smooth piano and electronic beat, the seven artists made a song that clearly has the potential to rise up on the charts, whether as a feel-good or melancholic single.

Their new track of The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar will be featured on the upcoming Black Panther movie soundtrack.
“Pray For Me” preaches loyalty, sacrifice and redemption–with both artists taking on the voice of a despondent hero. The track has a dark, noisy beat drenched in The Weeknd’s effervescent vocals. Kendrick’s verse comes in as viciously as ever, as swelling synth pads seep over into the chorus. This song title calls back to a prevalent theme from DAMN.—in particular, Kendrick’s feelings of isolation.

Belly’s “Man Listen” song debuted in August, 2017 with the official release of Madden NFL 18 G.O.A.T edition as one of thirty-two songs featured on the in-game EA TRAX playlist.
Over some infectious horns from producer Ben Billions, Belly delivers an inspiring & motivational record that finds him boasting about being the man & getting that paper, just as the title depicts. It’s the perfect hustler’s anthem to get athletes (or gamers) pumped-up for their games.

On “Let You Down,” NF laments over his relationship with his father and talks about how he didn’t want to disappoint his dad. This track is similar to his songs “Got You On My Mind” and “Wish You Wouldn’t.”
“Let You Down” hit No. 61 on the Billboard Hot 100 song charts, No. 12 on Spotify’s Global Top 50 airing with over 2 million plays a day, and No. 6 on Spotify’s Global Top 50. The track is the third and final single off of NF’s highly anticipated third studio album, Perception.


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