Radio One Top 20 Week 5

“Go Bang” is a song by Pnau, released in October 2017 as the second single from the band’s fifth studio album, Changa. The Australian collective continue their momentum that grew from their previous three singles, “Chameleon”, “Young Melody” and “Control Your Body”. Go Bang has been teased in their festival sets for a while now and for a good reason, with the mixture of Divine’s uplifting vocals with the addictive house charm of PNAU proving itself to be a winning combo once again. It’s light and refreshing – perfect for chill, at-home listening – but the catchiness of PNAU’s bass-driven beat also makes it an A+ club thumper which will no doubt dominate as we hit the warmer months

“God’s Plan” is a feel good track that discusses Drake’s future. Being who he is in the industry he knows that people want him to fail, however God won’t let him do that. Another key subject of the song is the separation Drake feels that he needs to have from those outside of his inner circle. Anyone who tries to work their way into his life must have an ulterior motive to benefit themselves.

“So Far Away” is a song about a couple who love each other, but can never make their relationship work. The song is the sixth original song of 2017 by Dutch DJ Martin Garrix, and is co-produced by, and features, French DJ David Guetta. The track features vocals from English songwriter Jamie Scott, and Romy Dya, a Dutch female vocalist.
Insanely harmonic, lead by melancholy guitar licks and Garrix’ signature power synths, the song is set for clubs all over the world. With aslow, laidback vibe, “So Far Away” is perfect for fall and winter months, offering the beautiful melancholy and meaningful lyrics.

Following the runaway success of the international smash “Just You And I” and the debut EP Blessings, Tom Walker releases a brand-new song “Leave A Light On” via Epic Records. Tom co-wrote the track with Steve Mac. The critically acclaimed UK multi-instrumentalist and singer once again delivers an undeniable, unshakable, and uplifting anthem steeped in simmering soul and rich, resonant production. This song is based upon Tom’s friend’s struggle with addiction. This can be represented within the music video, where his friend is stranded in the sea, alone. By Tom ‘leaving the light on’ he is giving his friend a way out of his struggles.


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