[PICS] Fishtail Brows Are the Newest Instagram Trend

Fishtail brows are the latest beauty craze to take over Instagram!

The newest beauty trend you may start seeing pop up on your Instagram feed are fishtail brows, inspired by one makeup blogger’s attempt to channel her inner mermaid. @SkyzEditz, who started the trend, describes himself as the “leader of fishtail brows” and has posted multiple inspiration photos along with a tutorial walking people through how to achieve the mermaid-inspired eyebrow look.

The slit and upside down arch in the brows resembles the end of a fishtail, but the look actually doesn’t require you to completely shave your eyebrows. Instead, you can simply use an app to create it!

Check out this look and other fun ways to channel your inner mermaid.

*New Trend* Fishtail Brows 🐠on @sweetbabymadi

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