Kylie Jenner Leans On Mother Kris Jenner For Baby Support

Kylie Jenner has been relying on her mother Kris Jenner to help with her baby daughter.

The 20-year-old reality TV star welcomed her little girl Stormi into the world almost two weeks ago with her boyfriend Travis Scott and, although she’s a “natural mother”, she’s still struggling to come to terms with her new parental role and has been leaning on the matriarch to teach her everything she needs to know about caring for a newborn.

A source told “Kris has been spending a lot of time at Kylie’s house since she came home with Stormi. She has been a natural at being a mother.

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“However, it has been overwhelming, and Kylie has relied on Kris during these first days at home with Stormi.

“Kris is providing advice and, of course, an extra set of hands to help with Stormi.”

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And, although she went into hiding when she found out she was pregnant, Kylie has wasted no time getting back on social media, as she shared a series of sexy shots on her Instagram on Monday (12.02.18).

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