Gigi Hadid Not Defined By Wealth Or Beauty

Gigi Hadid has never wanted to be defined by her wealth or beauty.

The 23-year-old model has always felt the “guilt of privilege” because of her upbringing, but was always determined to work hard at school and sports so she could make her own money, rather than rely on handouts from her parents.

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She said: “I’ve always had the guilt of privilege. It started in high school, and I was determined not to be defined by it, or by being pretty. I was a great volleyball player and I had great grades. That’s how I valued myself.

“It was always my parents’ money, and I was always going to get a job and live independently. I’ve paid my own bills since I was 18. My first Louboutins came from my first pay cheque.”

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And Gigi insists that her background doesn’t mean she can’t be a nice person.

She said: “I think I can come from a privileged background and still be a hard worker and a nice person. I don’t think I’m better than anyone else, and I hold myself to that. I try to work with integrity.”

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