Demi Lovato Back To Stage Following Vocal Cord Troubles

Demi Lovato has “made it through” her concert in Scotland on Wednesday (06.13.18) following unexpected cancellation of two tour dates due to voice issues.

The singer was suffering from swollen vocal cords and could not perform at the Arena Birmingham during her Tell Me You Love Me World Tour.

She took to social media and wrote in a series of tweets: “I’m literally gutted that I have to postpone this next show in Birmingham … I’ve never had to miss shows due to my vocal chords or being sick in my LIFE”

Demi still managed to keep a sense of humor though, as she joked about her life in the spotlight: “Most exciting part of my day? Getting a camera shoved up my nose and down my throat to look at my vocal chords… Still less invasive than paparazzi”

After a few days of rest, she was able to resume her tour. Before the performance in Glasgow, she took to Twitter to thank fans for support and announce her return to the stage.

“At the venue… so ready to get back on stage!!! Whos ready?!!”

“I feel sooooo (sic) much better, thank you for all your well wishes!!!! You guys are the best!!!”


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