The Best Filter For Getting Instagram Likes According To Science!

Canva studied the filters of more than 1 million recent Instagram photos from around the world for the hashtags #nature, #fashion, #food, and #selfie to see what filters had the best payoff in terms of likes. Which Instagram filter is actually the best?

Clarendon is officially the most used filter worldwide. Probably because it’s second on the list and we get lazy, but it’s more likely because it’s universally flattering for a selfie. After that though, Instagram users branched out and started using Juno, Valencia or Gingham.

BUT what the study really found was that NO FILTER is the best filter. Apparently tagging #NoFilter is the best way to get likes since people just want to love you as you are!

Köy görevi diye danimarkaya geldik galiba #nofilter

Публикация от Cem Duran (@cem.snow)


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