[PICS] “Barbie Feet” Is The Summer Instagram Trend Celebs Are Loving


Instagram is full of picture perfect people, partly because they know some tricks for looking better on photographs. If you’re keen to improve your photo game, there’s a new trend you need to know about.

Many celebs have started to use this flattering pose, dubbed ‘Barbie feet’, for their summer snaps, taken on the beach or by the pool.

The trick, which visually elongates your legs and makes them appear slimmer, is actually very simple. It involves balancing on the balls of your feet, creating the illusion of wearing heels. Thus, your foot will look like that of a Barbie doll, whose feet are molded into a permanent position.

Check out how your fave stars and models use this pose to take their gorgeous barefoot pictures.

Bella Hadid

Back to Life 🌺🦋❤️

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Vanessa Hudgens

Another day, another bathing suit lol 🌊🐟👙☀️

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Throwback to Vegas with mah best friend fo lyfeeee @laurajaynenew

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Lea Michele


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