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This year eleven superstars crossed the $100 million threshold. Here’re the world’s highest-paid entertainers of 2018 according to Forbes. 🤑#celebrityvideo ... See MoreSee Less

57 minutes ago

The world’s highest-paid entertainers of 2018


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Here I am still getting 74 dollar as a pocket money from my parents

Well yes

Hence proved ..Messi>>>Ronaldo

Omar Bin Hamid

Through The Years: Jennifer Aniston😍💫#celebrityvideo ... See MoreSee Less

11 hours ago

Through The Years: Jennifer Aniston


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Lakshay Mittal since u loved her tht much I thought of tagging u 😂😂🤗 Thankx me later ,🤗

What a goddess Vinayak Capoor

She is not beautiful at all...period

jest piekna kobieta i utalentowana aktorka


Sounds like she has trouble keeping relationships.

Rachel Karen Green

Aliana Kauser Butt queen🔥💞

Binsha Anna❤😍

Sinan Dakhil

Dennis Petersen

Sana Tariq

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We really enjoyed listening to this 'Won't Hurt You Tonight' song by Teddy Adhitya 🎧♥️ #newmusic ... See MoreSee Less

16 hours ago

Teddy Adhitya 'Won't Hurt You Tonight'

Celebrity Close-Up: Taylor Swift😍💫#celebrityvideo ... See MoreSee Less

17 hours ago

Celebrity Close-Up:Taylor Swift


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This is definitely more important than the witch hunt in DC.


Matthias Turner

Chloé Morrison

Michelle Marges

Surbhi Kalra

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This must be on your jam! 😎👏 Check out 'On Lockdown' by talented Kraizie J 🎶👏 #newmusic ... See MoreSee Less

22 hours ago

Kraizie J x Mckay x Wildkid 'On Lockdown'


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Is this a parody?

Whether by accident or not, some songs sound similar to others. Here are songs that have been accused of ripping off a melody or lyrics from a previous work 🎶🎧 #celebrityvideo ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

10 Songs Accused Of Being Rip-Offs


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There's got to be like a whole lifetime zillions of songs what makes you think not 2 of them are going to sound the same?! 😂🤦‍♀️

Didnt Ed Sheeran write Love Yourself? So technically he covered his own song...😅

Of course David Guetta used same sound as that of Alice dejay it's common in edms

Sayantan Raut what do you have to say about the first part??

Try these: Matt Simons - Catch and Release. Frans - If I Were Sorry

Very few songs are completely authentic

Kane Cooper 0:44 must have been what I was on about the other day

Emotionless ..

Bidisha Roylisten this!

Mahnoor Khan🙄🙄🙄

Evelyn Leao Emily Yin


Hemanth Kumar

Smrithi Yarlagada

Priyanshi Shivhare

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She's so talented 💗 Elieve's music is really unforgettable 🎼#R1LSpotlight ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago


He's got really amazing voice 😍♥️ Meet Noah Guthrie 👏 #R1LSpotlight ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Noah Guthrie


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Marianne Eichelbrenner

Rhys Jones

Ariana Grande gets more ink in honor of fiance Pete Davidson😱#celebrityvideo ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Ariana Grande gets more ink in honour of fiance Pete Davidson


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She will need an eraser soon. Just wait for it 😛

She must really care. I mean, more ink pretty much says it all.

Tap that arse.

Ariana is pregnant 💙💍

Dominik Paetz!!!

Nivethan Gaúcho cc øjne

Cloe Crisp

Travis Tha Glorious

Danielle Petersen

Gaelle Abou Rjeily

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5 Celebs So Rich They've Sometimes Lost Touch With Reality🤑#celebrityvideo ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

5 Celebs So Rich They've Sometimes Lost Touch With Reality


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trance name, anybody?

Song name?

Song name?

Song name?

Song name?

Song name?

Kush Gupta bade logo ki Velli bakchodi🤣🤣😆

Please song name

I could only dream of a million dollar home... These people make me sick

Omi yan si kylie and kendal

How did they get rich again...

Tere baap ka kya jata hai?

I'll put my 1000hp 2013 Camaro up against any of their fancy cars in a 1/4 mile race.

The first 2 Clips of “Kylie” aren’t even Kylie 🤦🏼‍♀️

Their are insane and forget to help poor people , environment and animals.

Akshyata Jangir goals ,??

Sweet dreams....

A ho thrin ma nge....

Gary JordanJordan.....smh

AR Mughal check krlo behan

So 3 of them aur Kardashians 👏👏👏

Zohaib see BC 😁

Himani Banodha 😲

Patricia Gheorghe 😑

Keeley Hainess

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