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9 hours ago

R1L Celebrity

You may be surprised at which celebrities believe in Bigfoot, UFOs and claim that mermaids exist! Check out the stars with some seriously strange beliefs.💫 #celebrityvideo ... See MoreSee Less

17 hours ago

7 Celebrities With Bizarre Beliefs


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Tom Cruise being an alien is the only logical explanation if his behavior the last few years.

Why is this more strange than any outher religion. Hitting youre finger whit a hamer is stupid no mather what finger you hit

What is the name of this music??


wow and I thought I was da only one ... lmao 😂😂😂

We all have believes

Jaecel 5:00


Valérie Somers

Carolina Scalise

Aliens are real ...because universe is so big and there are infinite other universes...Thus we are not the only ones ...and by aliens u make a picture in ur mind tha they will have green body and no clothes on it ...then ure wrong ..their appearance can be of anything .!!

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Here Are Some Things You Might Not Know About Paris Hilton😍#celebrityvideo ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

The Stars' Best Kept Secrets: Paris Hilton


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Do I care?? Nope..nope not at all!

I saw her shoes on her visit to Sydney.Many years ago....Kim Kardashian was her personal assistant/ stylist. I went ......Wow!!! Is she wearing those huge shoes? 😆

no one born tat perfect but i dont mind being born tat way lo cos with so much money


I don't need to know about her

Jho Low toy girl...bwa ha ha ha

Robyn Gouws kyk die hele video


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When you think of celebrities, lavish lifestyles with private jets and yachts typically come to mind. But some wealthy A-listers still live relatively frugally. Check out celebs who live on a budget despite their cushy bank accounts. 💫#celebrityvideo ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

7 Celebs Who Still Live On A Budget


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Which song is this.??

Keanu Reeves should be on the top


Taleya Khan

Virlene Peralta Calilung

Fucking bullshit

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Nicki Minaj Has Revealed That She Came to the US as an Illegal Immigrant😱#celebrityvideo
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2 days ago

Nicki Minaj Moved to America as an Illegal Immigrant


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So is she mad at Bill Clinton or Barack Obama? Bill wrote the legislation a Barack enforced it for 8 years. So is she a legal citizen or not?

Another missed opportunity by the U.S. government.

So does that mean we can send her back

This must be an ideal opportunity for the USA to act on the grounds of reducing noise pollution.

Rumiisa Sajid man lærer noe nytt hver dag. Trodde at hun var amerikansk

Yay.. Another act of shear attention seaking

What planet is she from

Empty your bank account and get them to file for legal pathway.

She not from Tobago. She is from the sister island Trinidad

chúc bạn ngày vui vẻ <3

So is this like the "Me too" movement all over again.....

She's a dirt bag



So she should be deported then right?

Luka Vanhee nicky mirage?

Hunter Ellis Isaac

Lucy Sun

It's fuckingTrump

Hot mess lol

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R1L Celebrity
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2 days ago

R1L Celebrity


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Alexandra 😍

They put their heart and soul into the music they make 🤗💖
Meet talented NoAnie Music duo from New York 👏 #R1LSpotlight
Don't forget to subscribe for more videos ➡️ bit.ly/2McIVzq
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3 days ago



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Instagram: bit.ly/NoAnieIG

That is my cousin ❤️👏🏼❤️👏🏼

Celebrities live in the world of fandom. But some fans are too obsessed with the stars and go to extreme measures to get close to them. Here’re the craziest stalkers who made celebs wish they were not famous. #celebrityvideo ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

7 Of The Craziest Celebrity Stalkers


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Pretty ladies

Mikkel Risager nummer 2 dig

Laura Cobain Simonič Kim deserved this!!! Ugly fat whore💩💩💩

You've Heard Of The Jolie-Pitt Clan, But They're Not The Only Celebs Who Have Adopted Children. The List of Stars Who Have Adopted Their Kids May Surprise You. #celebrityvideo ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

10 Celebrities Who Have Adopted Children


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Please adopt me

Please adopt me too, I am very good girl.

Which song is playing in first video

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